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Remember, during these economic times, you need to own your home, not let your home own you!!

We are a family owned and operated business serving Wayne Co. and the surrounding counties since 1989.
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Cavalier Home Builders
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"With God All Things Are Possible"
Matthew 19:26
Congratulations New Home Owners!
Goldsboro Homes, L.L.C
This picture was taken in the attic of an upscale site built home here in Goldsboro. The picture shows the same OSB as we have in our Cavalier Limited models or Modulars!! For a fraction of the cost of this stick built home you can have the same quality that we offer in our homes!!
All Homes are not created equal, and all dealers are not either!! 

                4112 US Hwy 70 East
                Goldsboro, NC 27534
           Email:  sales@goldsborohomes.com

Family owned and operated since 1989!  
We pride ourselves in treating our customers Fair and Honest. 
My Nana says I am adorable and our homes are nice too!! 
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